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A hub that unites impact investors, thought leaders, influencers, non-profit organizations, sustainable companies, and consumers from around the world, who are actively working towards co-creating a brighter future!


Listen to “A Call to Awaken & Unite”

432 synergistically aligned nodes (allies, angels & charities) that share a unified mission for helping humanity.

Allies: An Ally can be a company, a DAO, or some form of a for-profit entity. Allies work together in order to accomplish missions within our DAO to earn rewards & ownership stake.

Angels: An Angel can be an Accredited Investor, Family Office or Venture Capital Firm. We are offering liquidity partner staking positions and treasury tokens in our overall ecosystem to our Angel partners.

Charities: In unison with Sphere Impact DAO we are bringing together 144 vetted nonprofits & NGOs that are focused on accomplishing 144 Humanitarian Missions and will flow funds & resources to support them.

$1.44 Billion in DAO Assets

$1.44 Billion in DAO Assets

Minerals, Land, Art, Tech, Data, NFTs & IP backing our DAO

Missions, Roles & Quests

Missions, Roles & Quests

Take on missions to co-create the future of a New Earth

A Trinity of Stewards

A Trinity of Stewards

ASCENDED Inc, The Decent Company & i3X

12 DAO Realms & 144 Allies

12 DAO Realms & 144 Allies

Each realm is focused on a different industry sector

A Planetary Impact DAO

A Planetary Impact DAO

Supporting 144 vetted charities onchain via Sphere Impact DAO

A Unified Fund for Humanity

A Unified Fund for Humanity

Uniting assets & bringing together 144 angels

“As the rest of the world is dealing with old collapsing systems, we will remain focused on building the new systems for humanity.”

Token Pre-Sale & Nodes Launching Soon

Current DAO Missions

Join the ASCENDED DAO and help accomplish one of our existing missions or join a realm and submit a new mission for our collective.

Click on each mission below to learn more:

  • Ascendia XR

    Ascendia XR

    New Earth Metaverse CLICK HERE
  • Ascendia Island

    Ascendia Island

    Eco-Resort,Real Estate CLICK HERE
  • DECENT Space

    DECENT Space

    Impact Hub,Real Estate CLICK HERE
  • Quanttech


    Energy,Quantum Technologies CLICK HERE
  • Andromeda Cities

    Andromeda Cities

    Health & Wellness,Real Estate CLICK HERE
  • Incredible.


    AI,Big Data,NFT,Web3 CLICK HERE


    Health & Wellness,Real Estate CLICK HERE
  • Lead Royalty

    Lead Royalty

    Ancient Wisdom,Temples CLICK HERE
  • 144 Lightcards

    144 Lightcards

    Art,NFT,Technology,Web3 CLICK HERE
  • WorldHelp Initiative

    WorldHelp Initiative

    Energy,Impact,Real Estate CLICK HERE

“Alone we can do so little; Together we can do so much.”

– Helen Keller

Supporting 144 Humanitarian Missions

The Sphere Foundation

Our DAO ecosystem will provide ongoing financial support to the world’s first conscious, decentralized social impact network aimed to increase the odds for Humanity by addressing 12 Humanitarian causes through 144 Humanitarian programs.


Some of Our Allies