The Human NFT

An AI NFT minted by you and personalized for you

This groundbreaking living “Human NFT” is based on 10 billion+ unique digital events across a universe of up to 300+ million US individuals, and trillions of aggregate metadata points we exclusively possess. This powerful new decentralized asset will be powered by an interactive mobile application pre-loaded with knowledge-based, immersive-based digital quests where users earn monetary rewards by evolving their NFT with engagement, in and out of the metaverse. This NFT is further empowered by a personalized sentient artificial intelligence companion that grows and evolves over time and assists by guiding the NFT holder’s lifestyle gamification adventures by “life-casting” activities where users share the most memorable moments in their living data journey through the real-time accumulation of their meta, auto, and visual data reclaimed and produced during the progressive interaction and development of their Human NFT – acting as a Web3.0 digital twin, serves a dual-purpose “Avatar” for individuals.

How will it work?

Millions of data points, advanced technology & you

We’ve spent years developing a proprietary data aggregation platform that collects bits of real-time information on users and refactors it into a progressive, living data profile from private and public data sources. We collect several different types of information across customer demographics, household data, auto-mobile information, credit signals, social data, organic website application information and advertising intent data has been collected for over 4 years. Using this data, we will enable Incredible FT users to unlock the value of their data with spendable value based on the amount of information shared with the app once they set up their wallet and mint the living data NFT we have set aside for them.