Each of the 12 Realms within our decentralized ecosystem has a specific focus and purpose within the holon of our ASCENDED DAO. 

The focus of this realm is to build and connect a network of eco-futuristic spaces around the world that are providing new ways of living, working & playing. These locations will serve as lighthouses for the future of humanity and will provide endless opportunities for our global community to come together and live an abundant life or to create masterpieces in high-vibrational environments. Uniting lands, developers & architects together with tokenized real estate assets & digital twins of physical spaces, bridging realities. 

(Eco-Resorts, Smart Villages & Impact Hubs)

Current Missions: Ascendia, Decent Spaces, Andromeda Cities of Light

The focus of this realm is to unify top-tier tech teams, developers and future-driven tech stacks in order to accelerate the development of impact-driven decentralized technologies for the future of humanity. Building new revolutionary IP integrated into a cross-platform lifestyle gamification platform along with a unified new earth XR metaverse bridging realities through digital & physical spaces while pushing the boundaries of gamification for life & work.

(Software Dev, Game Dev, Web3, AI, VR, AR, Big Data, IoT, Apps & Dapps)

Current Missions: Ascendia XR, Human NFT, Levitate

Within our Ascended Labs, we are unifying some of the greatest minds and inventors of our time in order to facilitate the development of technologies, products, and inventions that can truly change the world. Innovations range from free-energy devices to quantum healing technologies that are far beyond what currently exists in the market. Developing, nurturing & releasing cutting-edge IP for the future of humanity.

(R&D, Inventions & Inventors, IP, Product Development, Quantum Tech)

Current Missions: Quanttech, Ascended Fashion

The focus of this realm is to pave the way for new forms of entertainment through immersive conscious media. A decentralized network of studios and creators focused on powerful storytelling and transmedia entertainment via AI, AR & VR. A global production hub developing life-changing content, shows & movies designed to enlighten and inspire humanity.

Providing our ecosystem with global production services & media opportunities for creators.

(Conscious Studios, TV Shows, Podcasts, Movies & Live Streaming)

Current Missions: MEG TV, 1VM, Ascenders Movies

The focus of this realm is to unify conscious capital together with future driven DEFI & Fintech solutions to create a perpetually growing ecosystem of impact & abundance. Bringing together high-yield investment strategies together with decentralized technologies designed to unify & ascend resources for further expansion of our ecosystem and support for vetted impact projects.

(DEFI, Fintech, Accelerator, Crypto, Funds & Banking)

Current Missions: Ascended Bank & Nodes, Ascended Token, Ascended Fund

This realm serves as a unified powerhouse conglomerate of agency allies &  martech along with event producers & immersive experience designers into a perfect storm equation for massive reach & impact for our entire DAO ecosystem and all allies & missions within it via digital & physical events, omnichannel marketing, advertising, PR, and influencer activations. This will allow us to roll out large-scale global campaigns for product releases, impact awareness, NFT launches & beyond. Providing the reach necessary for global brand adoption for the ASCENDED DAO and all of the ally brands & charities associated with it.

(Marketing, Advertising, PR, Branding & Events)

This realm is responsible for vetting, onboarding & facilitating the management of the Sphere Impact DAO & its 144 Charities in order to ensure the successful completion of the 144 missions across 12 Causes that our Impact DAO is setting out to accomplish. This realm will provide assistance to charity partners, facilitate plans for awareness campaigns, impact data tracking, grant submissions & donor expansions in order to most effectively accomplish its missions for humanity.

(Charity Vetting for Impact DAO, Impact Data, Grants, Recruiting, Fundraising)

This realm’s focus is on paving the way with new forms of schooling, education and training programs both in the metaverse as well as in the real world at our eco-resorts & smart villages. Combining ancient wisdom with future-driven technologies for learning and beyond that brings together the world’s best teachers and wisdom keepers. Providing the most advanced education for all ages and backgrounds of life to align with purpose and achieve mastery in life while doing so.

Current Missions: SHIDU University, Ascended Masterclasses, The School of Dreams

This realm unites all of the allies necessary for developing a metaverse marketplace and global retail network via Ascended Spaces designed to create a global supply chain and multi-vendor commerce engine featuring only the greatest products that are vetted for being good for both people & the planet. Think the Amazon of New Earth products. Uniting conscious manufacturers together with global distribution and future-driven XR shopping solutions.

Current Missions: Ascended Marketplace

This realm is focused on paving the way for the future of healthcare, quantum healing, wellness, biohacking, anti-aging, and beyond. Connecting & developing a global network of holistic doctors & healers via telemedicine applications, quantum healing centers, spas & treatment centers around the world, and in the metaverse. Uniting ancient wisdom with modern technologies for future-driven holistic healthcare solutions.

Current Missions: I AM Activated Spas, Prevent

This realm is focused on future-driven systems for governance, community development, team building & human resources, sovereignty & decentralization, alliances & unification. By using blockchain technology, together with conscious relations combined with non-violent communication, we can pave the way for the future of how humanity & economies self-govern using divine law and personal responsibility. This realm will also provide services for consulting & advisory within our ecosystem as well as help further establish treaties with sovereign nations and interplanetary relations.

This realm is focused on pushing the boundaries of creative expression. Bringing together some of the greatest artists, creators & design studios to create life-changing masterpieces designed to inspire awe & tell the new story of humanity through art & imagination. Developing new creative IP for the future of humanity while providing artists and creators a way to be abundant doing what they love by providing tools and resources to create art for the metaverse & beyond. 

(Art, Culture, Design Studios, Music, Fashion, Entertainment )

Current Missions: Unitea, Ava Avion Collection