What Makes Ascendia Unique?

Ancient Futuristic Smart Resort & Digital Twin in Ascendia XR

Created using ancient principles and wisdom along with the most advanced science and technology. An online community & metaverse that ties into the resort experience and allows people to visit and enjoy the island from anywhere in the world or to continue the transformative experience well after their visit. Cutting-edge technologies and interactions that cannot be found at any other resort or community.

A Future-Driven Eco-Resort

Operating with NFTs & Cryptocurrencies

Through decentralized technology, sustainable development practices, hybrid leasing & accommodations, volunteer programs, and renewable energy initiatives, we will be able to manage Ascendia with low-overhead expenses and zero carbon footprint, while also helping grow a global regenerative economy.

Sacred Designs

Building on Land & The Sea

The Island is our flagship headquarters location designed to attract the most influential and impactful people from around the world for high-level mastermind experiences. Bringing together the most advanced and sustainable building techniques and architectural designs with a range of accommodation experiences designed to inspire a state of flow, magic, and wonder. Ascendia will truly be one of the most magical places on Earth and the Universe.