LightCard Founder’s

Participate in a vast amount of technologies and global projects

Imagine a Blockchain community of the most intelligent, awakened, enlightened individuals where the teams will collaborate on lucrative projects, and quantum technologies, and infuse wisdom and sovereignty. For the completion of these projects, massive lucrative award distributions will be received per the team’s success, noted as karmic rewards. For the first launch of the i3x NFT LightCard Series, all tiered i3x LightCard memberships obtained will be noted as the original 144 Founders of this movement, with many years of strategic alliances as a community to come. This Founders group essentially becomes the Jedi warrior community of light. Each Founding member will hold karmic rewards for participation in a vast amount of technologies and global project verticals in energy, water, and agriculture, which will assist in the shaping of a New Earth.

Our Focus

Secure private, inventor IP of technologies already established

All NFT Series LightCard Memberships are secured by fractionalized digital and physical art of i3x Global Pioneer, Ms. Ava Avione in who has assigned $25MM in art portfolio to the NFT series launches. All packages will be backed by physical art, and at a later phase, all physical and digital art will be available for purchase. The NFT represents community involvement, membership, and real art.