The New Earth Metaverse

This is what we call the New Earth in the virtual now!

An impact-driven metaverse, designed to incentivize users to ascend their life and the planet by having fun, meeting like-minded individuals, and discovering new products & experiences, all while helping build a brighter future! This revolutionary game of life will provide real-world opportunities via quests & roles that earn players tokens & NFT’s while providing access to an ever-expanding ecosystem. The ASCENDED DAO is the engine that will power & empower this ecosystem.


Web-based & available on all devices; Mobile, PC, VR & AR

By combining physical & digital experiences, future-driven technologies like Gamefi, and forward-thinking impact strategies that are light years ahead, we are able to create a perpetually growing impact engine that not only will change the world but also change the way we do business & live life in the most holistic and conscious way possible. Ascendis XR is an ever-expanding ecosystem featuring everything you need to live an Ascended life while also supporting a global network of vetted charities & conscious companies around the world, enhancing both your life & the planet simultaneously.

Bridging Realities

Paving the path for a new way of global living, working & being

Ascendia XR will also be doing real-world land drops featuring the most exciting eco-village projects being birthed around the world such as Ascendia Eco-Futuristic Resorts. Ascendia XR bridges ancient wisdom with future-driven technologies and will showcase the very best real-world solutions within our metaverse in order to empower our citizens to take action, tribe up and begin tackling the biggest problems that we face today.