Helping Developing Nations

WorldHelp Initiative AG is a global, commercial collaboration of like-minded scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs, with business developments and projects in Africa, Asia, USA, South America, Middle East and Tribal Communities. WorldHelp Initiative AG (WHI) has direct intentions to infuse the decades of project experiences and internal disruptive technologies from 50+ scientists, chemists, engineers, doctors, and quantum developers, to make the identified initiatives in structure, roads, healthcare, integrated cities, agriculture, renewable energy, communications and water sources that of the new norm for global project infrastructure and development requirements, setting a standard. WHI has experience on 2000+ projects globally, in 70+ countries, with an immense focus on emerging technologies.

Holistic Systems

Integrated Smart-City Developments

WHI along with strategic partners has designed a global initiative to integrate layers of leadership, government, technology, evolution, culture, community and finance, through a series of intercontinental and connected partner cities/communities and infrastructures dedicated to accelerating the world beyond hydrocarbon (Hydrocarbon Economy) to- ward a Harmonized Systems Economy (Next Generation products, materials, and services).

These Smart Cities and community networks are being digitally and physically connected through human-centered blockchain/decentralized ledger technologies (DLT) and AI; allowing each community and city we work with to collaborate and accelerate their advancement.

Why WHI?

Combining Social Impact, Technologies & Sustainability

WHI has skills in sustainable agriculture, renewable energy, water, hydroponics, genetics, establishment, and operation of multiple agricultural undertakings and processing facilities, development of nutraceuticals, cancer treatment, holistic medicine, quantum, and nanotechnology, supported by business experience in leadership, IT, blockchain, logistics, finance and project management. WHI also has an extensive international network of business partners & alliances.

Our key operating principles are:

Social Impact – Creating job opportunities in sustainable, commercial enterprises, investment in healthy living, and a focus on indigenous youth.

Technologies – The use of multiple, disruptive, green technologies and applied science which make things possible that were impossible in the past.

Sustainability – We believe in eco-cities & villages and are involved in projects directed at water remediation & purification, renewable energy & agriculture.