Immersive Temple Spaces

Providing a path towards enlightenment

Lead Royalty Foundation, an Unincorporated 508(C)(1)(A) FBO dedicated to uplifting humanity and helping fast track the path towards ascension & enlightenment by providing the most advanced time-tested spiritual activations and training. Providing a path towards enlightenment through spiritual development & sacraments. Uniting all backgrounds of race & religion, with golden keys for humanities ascension.

Mastery Schools & Ascension Training

Ascension Bootcamps & Sacred Retreats

Sharing the deepest truths of this creation in order to bring everyone back into their own power. To free & elevate humanity into the remembrance that each soul is creator, and here we guide you to be the controller to reach your vastest dreams at a rapid speed. Our focus is to give you the direct golden keys to activate and accelerate you to your greatest called mission and purpose of being.


Ceremonies, Retreats & Trainings

This creation has gifted us with different tools for communing with the divine and for activating our bodies, minds, and souls known as entheogens. With the main ones being NN-DMT “Spirit Molecule” & 5-MEO-DMT “God Molecule”. These sacraments are found in nature & within the body as well as within most living things. These gifts from the heavens can help provide assistance in the awakening of humanity.