A 5D Spa Experience

Welcome to a transformational human experience like no other.

Immerse yourself within dream-like spaces that will engulf you with mesmerizing colors, lights, and sounds designed to activate your senses and put you in a state of bliss & serenity. Throughout our spas, we will be using projection mapping, sounds, colors, frequencies, and interactivity to spark your imagination and inspire deep and lasting activations. I AM ACTIVATED Spas will truly be an experience like no other. Bringing together the most powerful healing and activation modalities and treatments together in this 24hr ascension spa, bridging ancient wisdom with quantum healing technologies.

Relax, Activate & Ascend.

Learn to calm your mind, elevate your senses & ascend your life

Water is the basis of life and unfortunately, most the waters on our planet are either polluted and filled with harmful additives or it is dead non-living water lacking any structure and energy. At our spas, all of the water in every pool, faucet or fountain will be of the highest quality possible. What we call Ascended Water.

Anti-Aging & Bio-Hacking.

Featuring exclusive I AM ACTIVATED treatments

We are building the most advanced healing and wellness centers in the world. Offer services and packages that combine the world’s most advanced treatments and devices for ultimate healing, anti-aging, biohacking, and beyond. Featuring a full menu of day spa treatments ranging from facials to massages combined with enhancements to these traditional treatments including sacred oils, high-frequency ormus enhanced products, combo treatments embedded with color therapy, and projection mapping on the body projecting codes designed to activate Human DNA and so much more.