144 Cities of Light

Built for a population between 10,000 & 100,000 inhabitants

The mission of the Andromeda Alliance together with ASCENDED DAO is to form 144 Light Cities on planet Earth, contributing to its regeneration and starting over on the path of its evolution and ascension. Our goal is to help planetary changes through the Light Cities, offering housing, electricity, water, food, health, and education, at no cost to the residents of the communities.

More than eight decades after the ATHENS CHARTER, which defined the four basic functions of the city: life, work, leisure, and circulation, we realized that living conditions in the urban environment are increasingly degraded and inhuman. This situation essentially derives from the concepts and values of society itself. Currently, this society is trapped in a reality of submission and domination, preventing the human being from being truly free, exercising his freedom, desires, and wishes, giving freedom to his true abilities, and realizing himself as a human being and spirit.

To this end, to free people, we are presenting the Light Cities project, with the objective of building 144 cities in different regions of the planet. The Light Cities are beyond the simple cities of the true realization of the human being, it is a space to live and to understand how we will live in a higher dimension.

Eco-Futuristic Cities

High-Tech Homes, Collective Spaces, Education,  Food & Energy

The Light Cities will have five housing standards, for individual, family and collective use; the latter will function as a welcoming space for people who have lost their family ties, young people, the elderly or simply people in transit through the cities. All houses will be dome-shaped, circular and of a technological standard, all equipped and already furnished, offering a superior standard of furniture and technology. A system of furniture, with modern design and high technology, which aims to seek greater efficiency, sustainability, comfort, and practicality, technology must liberate man for his spiritual and collective existence.

Each Light City will have a space, in the geodesic center of the city, for meditation, prayer and contemplation, a space for individual and collective connection with the higher cosmic consciousness, a multicultural space that seeks improvements. of BEING, through the activation of the triune essence in each being, Christ, Buddhist and Atmic consciousness. It is a permanent, open and free space, also available for conferences, events and rites, which point to a better being and his spiritual elevation.

Caring for People & Animals

Research & Technology, Animal Sanctuaries, Health & Wellness

Each Light City will have a research center and a development laboratory, since younger students will be able to work on developing their ideas and talents and will no longer enter universities with unnecessary content. Through experimentation, in appropriate places, they can give freedom to their creativity in the development of ideas and solutions.

The Light Cities, located on the banks of rivers, lakes, streams, reservoirs and springs will establish a biological corridor, with areas of permanent preservation, with the reconstitution of its natural vegetation, when possible, with the objective of restoring life. of the local fauna, seeking their preservation and contributing to their reproduction. For pets, a specific area will be created with permanent assistance from veterinarians and spaces for the perfect freedom of movement of these animals.

Each Light City will have an integrated medical center, which combines conventional treatments with holistic, therapeutic and naturopathic techniques. The diagnostic and treatment support team will be of high technology. In these integrated units, there will be a space dedicated to the development, research and testing of prototypes and projects in quantum medicine. In this new reality, medicine will have a comprehensive view of the human being and not only in the manifestation of his illnesses.